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Production Duo

While most upcoming producers tend to go with the trend of todays music, ChopitUp Records, a production duo, eternally stayed rooted in the essence of HIPHOP. Emerging from the classic style of Boombap. This production duo brings two different styles of chopping up records to form as one . Their mission is to spread good music and reach the public with their love for music creation.

Succeeding from southern New Jersey with the passion to pursue and make music history with some of the greatest legends in this culture that we all know as HIPHOP. Respecting all genres of music young and old, our viewpoint is to bring the underground out into the sunlight. With goals of movie placements, video games, film, etc… our ultimate goal consist of leaving a deep footprint in the expansion of music throughout the world.

Recently, we performed live on stage with two Roland Mv8800’s, providing instrumentals for Skrewtape, Corfu, and Reef The Lost Cause who headlined the show. Our live beat set incorporates our individual/group beats blended with vocal phrases and sound effects to bring creativity to the artist live on stage.

The legendary D/R Period has had a major impact on our growth and success with bringing our vision to life. Having him on our side reveals to ourselves that it is possible, to turn a dream into reality.

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